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A Decade of Innovation

For more than ten years, SkyBell has been a significant presence in the home security market with our video doorbells. Our early efforts led to the filing of the initial patents in the video doorbell category. Now, with a substantial IP portfolio that includes over 150 patents, we stand as a key player in the industry, attracting various technology partners. These partners value our patents for their quality and the security they bring to collaborations. Preferred by leading security firms in the nation, our commitment to innovation and reliability is evident in many North American homes. Millions rely on us for their safety, and our continuous dedication ensures their protection. Looking forward, we remain proactive, always prepared to meet future needs and safeguard new generations.


SkyBell provides premium security without the high cost of traditional systems.


SkyBell and RapidSOS ensure trusted, self-monitored, round-the-clock home protection.

Reliable & Durable

Millions trust SkyBell for consistent, all-season performance.


SkyBell's intuitive setup ensures nationwide hassle-free, user-friendly security.


SkyBell offers dependable hardware, superior services, and seamless integrations for unmatched neighborhood value.

Be There From Anywhere

SkyBell lets you connect to your doorstep anytime, making everywhere feel like home.

Our Brand

Deep Bonds. Deeper Expertise.

SkyBell is committed to bringing our customers the best in video doorbell home security. By forging partnerships with trusted players in IoT and home security, we aim to deliver top-tier, yet affordable solutions for all households. It's about weaving together expertise and value, ensuring that safety doesn't have to break the bank.

Building upon this commitment, at the heart of our partnership with RapidSOS is a deep-rooted trust and dedication to you and your family. We understand the significance of everyday moments, whether it's a routine trip to the grocery store or those special weekend getaways. But life can be unpredictable, and when emergencies strike, our priority is to ensure you're not just protected quickly, but also with precision. By arming first responders with crucial information about your home, we're ensuring they have a head start, allowing them to focus on what's most important: your family's safety and well-being.

I travel a lot for work. Having RapidSOS integrated with my SkyBell has been a game-changer. In emergencies, it's reassuring to know that vital information about my home is instantly available to first responders. It feels like I've added another layer of protection for my family.

Oct 4, 2023


I switched to your beta app… It successfully added my skybell to the app and everything seems to be working great. I love the embedded timestamp in the video.

Russ B
Aug 27, 2023