Premium Service

$ 15.00 / Month

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Strong Protection. Smart Savings.

Elevate your home security experience with SkyBell's Premium Service. At a touch, One-Touch Home 9-1-1 powered by RapidSOS stands ready to safeguard your loved ones, while an extensive 30-day event storage ensures you never miss a vital moment. Seamlessly sync with the Kwikset Halo smart lock, bringing door access and monitoring into perfect harmony. Our advanced motion detection combined with cutting-edge facial and human body detection refines your alerts, keeping you attuned only to what truly matters. As your needs evolve, SkyBell's system grows with you, offering promising integrations from both SkyBell and our trusted partners in the pipeline. With SkyBell Premium, embrace the simplicity of advanced home security.

Front Porch Alerts

Whether you're cheering at a ball game or grabbing a bite at the local diner, SkyBell keeps you in the loop. If there's a knock or someone just passes by, your phone, tablet, or smartwatch gives you an immediate alert.

Doorstep Live-Stream

Caught up in the fourth quarter or savoring the last bite of dessert? No sweat! With SkyBell's crystal-clear HD video and two-way talk, it's as if you brought a little piece of home with you, right in your pocket.

One Touch 911

The RapidSOS partnership creates a direct line for your home to emergency help when you need it most - Wherever you are in the world. It quickly sends vital home info to first responders, ensuring they're there for you faster and better informed.

Smart Motion Detection

SkyBell blends traditional know-how with advanced tech, distinguishing between a visitor and any random movement. Define your motion areas, and significantly reduce those false alerts by up to 95%.

Connected Home Harmony

Seamlessly integrate the swift response of RapidSOS's One-Touch Home 9-1-1, the vigilant protection of SkyGuard, and the trusted reliability of Kwikset locks — harmonizing your home's security.

Neighborly Watch

In our communities, we're always there for one another. SkyBell amplifies that sense of security, offering 30 day event storage and download capabilities to keep us informed and our surroundings a bit safer, one alert at a time.

My new App is working flawlessly with our Skybell. I have truly been enjoying all of the upgrades. Being able to Manage my Skybell while on the go has really made our busy days a lot easier, especially when waiting for certain pieces of mail. Great job Skybell.

Aug 20, 2023


I switched to your beta app… It successfully added my skybell to the app and everything seems to be working great. I love the embedded timestamp in the video.

Russ B
Aug 27, 2023


I travel a lot for work. Having RapidSOS integrated with my SkyBell has been a game changer. In emergencies, it’s reassuring to know that vital information about my home is instantly available to first responders. It feels like I’ve added another layer of protection for my family.

James G
Oct 4, 2023