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From Humble Beginnings to Revolutionizing Safety and Security in the Home

Founded in 2013 as iDoorcam, we proudly emerged as the pioneer video doorbell company and swiftly transitioned to the now renowned SkyBell brand. Our journey began from a simple desire: to redefine home security and bring unparalleled convenience to homeowners. We envisioned a world where you could see and chat with anyone at your doorstep, no matter where you were.

Our Brand

The idea that changed doorsteps forever

It all started when one of our founders missed a package delivery and thought, "Wouldn’t it be great to know who's at the door without getting up, especially when away from home?" This spark of inspiration combined the timeless essence of a doorbell with the cutting-edge potential of smart home technology. Our answer to this vision was SkyBell, a pioneering solution that merged the trusty doorbell with advanced video capabilities and smartphone connectivity. We're proud to give homeowners more than just a doorbell; we offer peace of mind, control, and the convenience of modern-day technology.

Our Brand

Catching Momentum

Following the launch of SkyBell, our innovation didn't go unnoticed. As the potential of smart home security began to manifest, the nation's top security companies took interest. They recognized the value SkyBell brought to the table, especially when juxtaposed against the traditional security models which seemed outdated in the emerging smart home era. Before we knew it, SkyBell was chosen as the go-to video doorbell partner for these industry giants.This collaboration was more than just a business move. It was a statement of trust and an acknowledgment of the quality and reliability SkyBell brought to the forefront. Thanks to these partnerships, over 2.5 million SkyBell units found their way into homes, all professionally installed and integrated with top-tier security brands. Each installation wasn't just about adding a new device; it was about enhancing home security, offering families more control, and integrating homes into the digital age.

Establishing a foundation for the future

Emboldened by this widespread acceptance, we didn't rest on our laurels. We understood the importance of innovation and the necessity to protect it. Our journey then focused on bolstering our intellectual property portfolio. With a rich collection of patents and designs, we aimed to solidify SkyBell's standing not just as a market leader but as a foundational pillar in the ever-evolving domain of modern home security. As we reflect on our origins — a simple desire born from a missed package delivery — we're filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the journey, for the millions who trusted our vision, and for the endless possibilities the future holds. SkyBell isn't just a product; it's our commitment to making homes safer, smarter, and more connected.


SkyBell Technologies, Inc. (originally iDoorcam) is founded in Irvine, California.


SkyBell successfully runs a crowdfunding campaign, raising significant funds to create the first smart video doorbell.


SkyBell launches its first smart video doorbell, revolutionizing home security and marking the company as an innovator in the smart home industry.


SkyBell introduces advanced features like motion sensor alerts and night vision capabilities to its product line, enhancing user experience and security.


SkyBell HD, an upgraded version of the original device with improved video quality and additional features, is released.


SkyBell becomes the established IP leader in the video doorbell space.


SkyBell continues to improve upon its product line, introducing further integrations with other smart home devices and platforms, making its doorbell a central part of any connected home.


SkyBell launches a new mobile app featuring advanced motion detection, facial and body recognition, third-party integrations, and premium services.