Giovanni Tomaselli

President & Board Member

Giovanni Tomaselli is a trusted and known name in the world of technology and manufacturing. Having scaled large Fortune 500 companies and large organizations, Giovanni provides the edge needed to develop hubs for technology, manufacturing, and business.

Giovanni was a Harvard Business School Case Study subject that outlined his success in Asia. Living in Asia for 30 years has given him the ability to have first-hand experience in some of the largest manufacturing plants in the electronics industry. Being the head of Consumer Electronics at Flextronics with manufacturing in multiple countries across the globe allowed him to experience best in class manufacturing, design and go to market activities.

He is a global senior executive with multi-billion-dollar sales achievements at SkyBell, Flextronics, Polaroid, and ION Camera. With 20+ years in digital imaging product design, development, manufacturing, sales and business development, he is well placed to take SkyBell to the next level.

Desiree Mejia

Chief Operating Officer, Treasurer & Secretary

As a co-founder of SkyBell, Desiree plays a crucial role in steering the company’s strategic operations. Celebrating SkyBell’s 10 years in business in June 2023, Desiree has overseen the professional installation of over 2 Million Video Doorbells through the security industry. 

Desiree expertly leads SkyBell’s supply chain management and contract manufacturing, while overseeing the development and launch of SkyBell Connect, the company’s proprietary back-office system that overseas all deployed devices. Additionally, in her capacity as SkyBell’s Principal Executive.

Desiree focuses on nurturing existing customer relationships, steering Customer Support, and supervising Order Fulfillment. Before setting the foundation for SkyBell, Desiree served as Chief Operating Officer at Location Based Technologies, a firm renowned for its GPS tracking solutions. 

Joe Scalisi

Founder & CTO

Joe Scalisi is a paragon of innovation in the home security technology sector. As the mastermind, founder, and Chief Technology Officer of SkyBell, he has been pivotal in transforming the smart home device landscape through his pioneering designs and intellectual properties. With a robust foundation in engineering and design, Joe cultivated his acumen, envisioning a future where technology profoundly enhances our everyday experiences.

Under Joe's original vision, SkyBell has consistently been at the cutting edge of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, a feat highlighted by the company securing the coveted CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award in 2014. His remarkable collection of over 200 US and International patents issued, with approximately 50 more pending places Joe as a vanguard of invention, ranking 241st among 1.5 million IoT patent holders globally. This distinction underscores his prominence and the substantial influence of his work in the broader technological sphere.

Joe’s patents span across multiple vital technology sectors, including Telecom, GPS location services, camera, audio, medical devices, and IoT, showcasing his diverse expertise and forward-thinking approach in these critical areas of innovation.

His contribution to the industry transcends mere recognition, with his patented innovations forming the backbone of SkyBell's offerings and being pivotal to the operations of tech behemoths like Apple, Samsung, Uber, and Google Nest, among others. His disruptive technologies have forged a new path in what was once a market monopolized by long-established security firms, positioning SkyBell as an IoT sector leader renowned for its coveted video doorbells and reliable home security solutions. Moreover, Joe's role as a mentor and speaker demonstrates his commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and sharing his vision for the future of technology and smart home ecosystems.