SkyBell Patents Validated

SkyBell Patents Validated

SkyBell Technologies, a pioneer in video doorbell and smart home security solutions, is pleased to announce a successful outcome in its recent patent infringement lawsuit against Vivint Inc. On Monday, Oct. 23, 2023, a federal jury in the Sherman Division of the Eastern District of Texas rendered its verdict, determining that Vivint Inc. willfully infringed upon two of SkyBell’s patents, leading to a damage award of $45.4 million in favor of SkyBell’s subsidiary, SB IP Holdings LLC. Notably, this case revolves around just two of the more than 150 patents that SkyBell proudly owns, encompassing innovations at the front door and broader home IoT arena. These groundbreaking patents provide homeowners the capacity to view their front door's entrance through smartphone apps and transmit video data seamlessly, setting a benchmark in the realm of video doorbell technology.

"This lawsuit underscored our commitment to principle, innovation, and the sanctity of intellectual property rights," remarked Giovanni Tomaselli, President of SkyBell Technologies. He continued, "We embarked on this legal journey to safeguard the intellectual achievements that have set SkyBell apart in the industry. The verdict is not just a fair and reasonable outcome for SkyBell, but a message to others in the security industry about the importance of honoring and respecting SkyBell’s genuine innovation."

Desiree Mejia, Co-Founder and COO of SkyBell Technologies, expressed her thoughts on the recent verdict: "From the outset, SkyBell made a deliberate yet challenging decision to establish our business on a bedrock of robust intellectual property. While many peers diverted their resources solely to marketing, we consciously and significantly invested in IP. This outcome stands as a testament to the legal system recognizing and rewarding our core principals, even in the face of daunting competitive pressure.”

During this intensive litigation, SkyBell was privileged to be represented by Cole Schotz, widely recognized in the area of intellectual property law. Their stellar reputation in the industry precedes them, and having such an esteemed team stand with us was both an honor and a pivotal element of our success. Their expertise guided us through the complexities of the case and also illuminated the profound value and strength of our intellectual property.

"Patents allow small companies to compete in markets with very large companies. SkyBell protected its business by developing and acquiring patents that protect its employees as well as its way of doing business. This verdict is a testament to the company and our laws that prevent others from practicing the inventions owned by SkyBell,” remarked Gary Sorden, Member Cole Schotz P.C.

“For a smaller company to take on a large company in litigation it is no small feat. This litigation lasted 3 years and it is validation of the patents as well as SkyBell’s belief in innovation,” added Mr. Sorden.

This legal affirmation further strengthens SkyBell's position as a cornerstone in the modern home security landscape, particularly in the realm of video doorbell security systems. The judgment reinforces that our technology is not just innovative but pivotal, casting SkyBell as a foundational component in the home security world now and in the future.

As SkyBell looks ahead, this landmark ruling with respect to the U.S. Patent Nos. 9,485,478 and 10,674,120, serves as motivation to continue driving innovation, focusing on research and development, and fortifying its leadership in the video doorbell and smart home security sectors. "Our passion for pushing boundaries remains unabated. We're more committed than ever to leading the way in cutting-edge home security solutions," added Mr. Tomaselli.

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SkyBell Technologies stands at the forefront of home security innovation, having pioneered the smart video doorbell security system. Our solutions are trusted by some of the world's leading home security companies. Boasting over 150 issued patents, SkyBell's cutting-edge intellectual property is set to drive the next generation of home security, automation, and Internet of Things (IoT), extending far beyond the front door. With more than two million professionally installed video doorbells, we are not just excited about our past accomplishments but also about the future possibilities for SkyBell and our partners.

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