Does your home have high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, and if so, who is your internet provider?

Sorry, please upgrade your internet and try again later.

When you press your doorbell, does it ring your existing wall-mounted chime box?

Great, your home should work with the SkyBell video doorbell.

Sorry, your home may not work with the SkyBell video doorbell, please repair your doorbell electrical system and try again later, or call our SkyBell Technical Support Experts for further diagnosis.

What type of doorbell do you currently have?

Please select a valid option


Please confirm original wiring works

Sorry, your home does not qualify

Press your doorbell, does your existing wall-mounted indoor chime box make a ding-dong sound or does it play a melody?

Is your outside doorbell mounted directly to the wall of your home or is it mounted to an electrical outlet sized box?

One last question! Our professional installation will take about an hour at your home. Please select 2 installation windows on the calendar so that we can schedule your installer.

Calendar with Monday through Friday, starting 7 days out.