Enter the Middle Market through the Front Door

The Opportunity is Knocking

The home security market is always on the move, with a particularly exciting new growth spot: the middle market. This area, full of potential, is where SkyBell shines for our partners. We bring IP backed advanced video security technology, operational expertise, and professional installation that is specifically designed for this dynamic and developing market space.

Simplify Without Compromise

At Skybell, we've crafted a unique proposition that resonates with the middle market - Consumers who are embracing smart home technologies for the first time. Our products embody the trifecta of sales motivators for this consumer segment. 

Value for Money

Cost matters, and the middle market seeks a balance of performance, quality, and value for money.

Ease of Use

Products must be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces to powerful features - and professional installation options.


SkyBell's ten year history and 2.5 million video doorbells in the market reflect our passion, all backed by 100% U.S. based technical support. 

Technology for All

Our time tested video doorbells are designed for the forward thinking homeowner. They blend cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, making smart home security accessible to everyone. With SkyBell, experience a blend of affordability and quality without compromise.  

A Partner in Growth

Integrating SkyBell into your product portfolio positions you as a growth oriented provider. SkyBell brings you a very competitive offering for the middle market. When your customer is ready to migrate to a full system, the SkyBell hardware can move with them seamlessly. 

What is the Middle Market?

In the context of smart home IoT and Smart Home Security, the "Middle Market" refers to a segment of consumers who are seeking cost-effective and reliable smart home solutions without necessarily needing the high-end, complicated features that might be more typical in the upper market segments. This market segment is particularly important because it includes a broad base of potential customers who are interested in adopting smart home technologies but are sensitive to price, benefits, and ease of use.

Empowering You to

Empower Them


With over 2.5M video doorbells manufactured to date, SkyBell has the ability to support and scale to your middle market needs. 

Integration Capabilities

The SST Platform is designed to benefit users by seamlessly integrating with a range of smart home IoT devices and systems. Our partnerships with industry leaders like RapidSOS, and Kwikset smart locks enhance the functionality of your exiting smart home solutions.

Business Model Flexbility

SkyBell enables partners to transition middle market customers into more comprehensive systems seamlessly, maintaining device compatibility and customer relationships. 

Customer Support & Training

SkyBell provides comprehensive U.S. based support and training resources, ensuring that your team can effectively sell and support our products. This includes access to marketing materials, product manuals, and customer service assistance. 

Bridging the Gap

Partner with SkyBell to provide your customers with a proven, accessible entry into the middle market. Our comprehensive support, industry-leading IP portfolio, and dedication to interoperability make SkyBell the optimal choice for tapping into the middle market. 
Join us in unlocking the potential of the middle market. Reach out to explore how SkyBell can become a pivotal part of your product lineup, offering not just a smart home solution, but a smart business move. 

In Select Areas

The Safety, Security, and Trust Subscription

Kicking off in select regions, we're rolling out the SkyBell Safety, Security, and Trust (SST) subscription: featuring the Trim II, Chime, and a full two years of our Premium Service, all complemented by professional installation.

Safety from Anywhere

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