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Get acquainted with the SkyBell Trim II Pro installation process, what’s included in the box, and what additional materials you may need.

Step 1 - Check Your Doorbell

If your existing doorbell doesn’t work, Trim II pro will not work either. More information on pre-installation requirements can be found here.

Step 2 - Check Your Chime

Determine whether you have a digital or mechanical door chime, to know if you need to install the SkyBell digital doorbell adapter (sold separately, here). *If you have a digital door chime, do not proceed with your Trim II Pro install until you have the digital doorbell adapter on hand.

Installing the Digital Doorbell Adapter

(Optional Depending on Chime)

These installation instructions are for those who have a digital chime box in their home. If you have a mechanical door chime skip this step.

Step 3 - Installing Your Trim II Pro

Watch step-by-step instructions to successfully install your Trim II Pro.

Step 4 - Setup SkyBell HD Mobile App

Complete setup with the SkyBell HD app, download here from the App Store and here from Google Play If you received your video doorbell as part of a home security package, please contact your service provider for setup instructions.

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