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Smart Home Continues to Grow

The global connected home market will continue its strong growth trajectory.

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Security Draws People In

Security is the primary purchase motivator for smart home.

- consumer technology association 2019

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They're Entering Through the Front Door

Video surveillance and door locks are the #1 and #2 growth categories for smart home security

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Our Mission

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At SkyBell we have a B2B2C focus. That means we're on a mission to power our partners so they can best serve their customers. We are expanding on our capability to cater to the unique needs of our partners big and small in areas of customization, integration, and modular services delivery.

SkyBell pioneered the smart video doorbell, and our doorbells are the only ones trusted by some of the top home security companies in the world. We have over 150 issued patents and are well positioned for success beyond the front door.

Throughout 2020 SkyBell will be introducing unique "design forward" products and systems to create a full range of home security and IOT products.

If you'd like to partner with us, or have any questions from an investor perspective, please contact us by email at [email protected].

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